It is time for fabrication to move away from its limiting desktop context. In previous research we have found that there is potential for fabrication on the go. During this workshop we sketch out what it takes to make that vision become a reality. We will cover bases on three main levels: (1) engineering hardware for mobile fabrication (2) developing software systems to allow modeling on the go or interact with models (3) bringing the context of users into the fabrication process. We will touch base on these topics during high energy brainstorming sessions combined with inspiring talks of expert researchers in the field.

The main goal is to come up with a roadmap for fabrication beyond the desktop and using the diverse perspective of participants to cook up collaborative follow-up projects. Eventually we want to continue to build a community of people who are thinking about these questions which are too big to be solved by single individuals. Adjacent to that we intend to bring industrialists to the mix as well as community leaders of the maker community to ground our academic effort in a real context. We solicit position papers of 2-4 pages in the ACM Extended Abstracts Format covering related topics to (but not limited to):

We recommend to make these position papers contain sketches and concrete ideas, even if they are not fully thought through. Also include a short section on your background so we get a sense of how we can best leverage the diversity of the community. For more info, please have a look at Feel free to contact the organizers if you have further questions